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May 28, 2019

Joe Fairless is a full-time real estate investor that started buying multifamily properties in 2013 and now controls over $570,000,000 worth of real estate with a portfolio of 4,269 units. He has personally raised over $100,000,000 from private investors for real estate investments. Prior to that, he was the youngest vice president at an award-winning advertising agency in New York City. He is the host of the world’s longest running daily real estate iTunes podcast, Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever, where he has interviewed guests such as Barbara Corcoran, Robert Kiyosaki, Emmitt Smith, and Tony Hawk.

Joe has authored several books covering real estate investing and apartment syndication. His first two books, including  Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Volumes I and II, features guidance from some of the sharpest minds in real estate while also being endorsed by Barbara Corcoran. His third book, BEST EVER Apartment Syndication Book, provides a proven step-by-step system for completing a first apartment syndication deal.

Joe’s real estate advice has been featured on Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, Huffington Post and he was named 2018 Multifamily Investor of the Year by Think Realty. He is on the Board for Junior Achievement and received the honor of Outstanding Alumni at Texas Tech University. You can learn more about Joe on his website

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Key Discussion Points:

  • Focus on Cash Flow & Asset Performance
  • Build Relationships - They Will Bring You Opportunities
  • Invest on Market Fundamentals 
  • Mr. Joe as the Manny (male nanny)
  • Be Laser Focused

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