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Feb 25, 2021

Kathleen Black is North America’s leading real estate team coach and trainer, delivering her proven success techniques to agents and teams around the world. That growth is worth billions in additional sales volume annually across her client network with 80% of her clients being national top 1% producers. Kathleen, the best-selling author of “The Top 1% Life”, will help you to expand your business, at a fraction of the time and cost, using the tried, tested, and true “KBCC Ultimate Expansion Strategy” that has powered her client growth. 

The success of KBCC centers around integrity, honesty, and results-driven measures, the very things that represent Kathleen. Kathleen has been named twice as Top Elite Women Driving the Future of Real Estate by REP Magazine and as Top 20 Emerging Leaders by T3 Sixty’s Swanepoel Report. She was recognized within the top 1% of Realtors in the Toronto Real Estate Board, has ten plus years of agent development experience, and hundreds of teams attribute their growth and success to Kathleen’s leadership. Most recently, Kathleen was awarded the Iconic Leaders Creating a Better World for All Award. This award is based on experience, results, influence, and commitment to change the world for the better of all internationally.

Kathleen is also the driving force behind the Ultimate Team Summit, the largest team-specific Real Estate summit in North America, and the Ultimate Mastermind Series of events, including the 100 Deal + Ultimate Mastermind. 

Kathleen lives in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada with her two free-spirited, independent, and very loved children Ethan and Ella, and their cats Ethel and Willow.







  • Here to talk about your book Top 1% Life - Real Estate Edition - The Real Estate Agent's Guide to Free up Your Time, Build Your Business with Confidence and finally HAve a Life Outside of Sales...
  • What Fueled Kathleen To Write This Book
  • Give Yourself Permission To Do The Things You Were Born To Do
  • Where do you start hiring people? 
  • Environment outperformers Talent
  • Tension creates vision
  • Who influences you? Which influencers do you follow in your coaching and consulting business? 
  • Myth- Teams take too much time and money to develop.
  • "Expansion does not have to be painful, although it does have to be focused and brave."

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