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Sep 3, 2020

Mike Hambright is a veteran real estate investing entrepreneur that has rehabbed and wholesaled ~400 houses, and has built a rental portfolio consisting of single-family properties and an ownership stake in over $35M of multi-family investments. In addition to his extensive investing experience, he is the founder of and has produced over 1,500 video podcasts (with millions of views and downloads).

Mike has coached hundreds of real estate investors directly, thousands indirectly, and is a sought after advisor to many of America's top real estate investors through his Investor Fuel Real Estate Mastermind, a leading organization of over 100 of the nation's leading investors. Additionally, Mike is the co-founder of Investor Machine, a cutting edge, data-driven lead generation agency for real estate investors.

Mike is a husband to Lindsay and a father to Jake.


  • @MLHambright on Facebook
  • @TheMikeHambright on Instagram


  • Corporate Refugee from a Blue Collar Upbringing
  • Having No Control of Your Future
  • Do You Push your kid to go college? 
  • Investor Machine

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