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Dec 23, 2019

Gabriel Hamel is a Real Estate Investor who’s passion for Real Estate, Business, and Financial Freedom has helped him to amass a Multi-Million dollar Real Estate Portfolio consisting of Single Family Homes, Multi-Family Apartments, Commercial Real Estate, and Mobile Home Parks. From humble beginnings, a book on Real Estate, and a strong desire for financial freedom, Gabriel set out to find creative ways to start purchasing income producing investment Real Estate. Gabriel is a strong advocate of financial literacy through self education.

Time-Freedom, Family, Health, Wealth, and Happiness are most important to Gabriel. He focuses his time and energy learning, living and growing in these areas. Gabriel has a beautiful wife and two amazing son’s with lots of energy who keep them busy with various activities. Gabriel strongly believes that being Healthy, Wealthy, and Happy are choices and with the right knowledge and more importantly, effective action can all be greatly achieved.

Key Takeaways:

  • Growing up lower-middle class
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • Being Deployed to Kuwait & Iraq
  • Starting your financial free journey with not much support
  • Seller Financing Unicorns do exist!
  • Don't convince sellers to seller finance - they have to want to do it without you!
  • Know your market and build relationships. 
  • Value-add opportunities in Mobile Home Parks
  • Financial Literacy is a HUGE opportunity
  • GoBundance Mastermind
  • The power of relationships are undervalued
  • Cash Flow first, appreciation 2nd. 

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