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W2 Capitalist | EARN. INVEST. REPEAT.

Dec 22, 2020

Jamie O'Brien is a W2Capitalist dedicated to building generational wealth for his family while pursuing financial freedom through real estate investing. Upon learning that he and his wife, Blair, were having twins 4 years ago, Jamie realized that he wanted more than the W2 could give him. In the last 4 years Jamie has been very successful in his role as a Medical Device Representative while building his real estate investing business, O’Brien Homes, LLC. Jamie has dabbled in multiple different real estate strategies over the years; however, his core business revolves around Wholesale, Buy and Hold and Fix and Flip.

Jamie has a rental portfolio of 12 doors and has successfully wholesaled and flipped 11 houses in the last 3 years, successfully replacing his wife’s lost income with real estate. As a devout husband and father, Jamie is focused on scaling his business as an owner by working on his business more and in it less to free up as much time as possible to travel, coach his children or just spend time with his family. Outside of work and real estate, Jamie enjoys spending time with his family, the outdoors, great friends and, of course, SEC Football. Jamie and his family are located in Birmingham, Alabama.





  • What will have made the most impact on your life: # of flips, # of wholesales, or # of buy and hold? 
  • Twins are on the Way
  • What are some unexpected Expenses on Flips?
  • Hard Money or Own Cash when flipping? 
  • Tax Implications on Flips
  • How to determine if property is better to Flip or BRRRR?

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