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W2 Capitalist | EARN. INVEST. REPEAT.

Jul 22, 2020

DR. MIRANDA PHILLIPS is the co-founder of Elite Wealth and Wellness.  She is an entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, international speaker.  Dr. Phillips started practicing medicine in 2009 after graduating medical school with a 4.0 GPA and her love for helping others continues to grow.  

With a thorough understanding of the codependent relationship between mental and physical health, she has pushed herself hard to find both her intellectual and physical limits.  From setting NCAA intercollegiate women’s soccer records that still stand today to becoming financially free and independent by her mid-30s to spending time thousands of feet above and below sea level all across the world, her adventures and achievements have taught her many beneficial lessons in life in addition to granting her a unique perspective of humanity and the world.  She has always been fascinated by the life stories of others and has enjoyed spending many years coaching physicians and other leaders to success in their own lives.  “There are fundamental concepts that are essential to know in order to live a life of success and fulfillment.”  

While remaining focused on her goals, she has enjoyed diversified experiences such as international medical mission work, scuba diving, piloting small airplanes, hiking dangerous coastlines, starring on international television, and being a mom and wife. 

She stands by her lifelong physician oath to ‘Do No Harm’ as she continues fulfilling her mission of creating wealth and wellness for all, in the name of life, liberty, and justice.  





  • How are wealth and wellness intertwined? 
  • Physical Health: Sleep, Diet and Exercise
  • Time Blocking 
  • As a busy professional how do I juggle staying physically and mentally healthy?
  • Define Physical Activity
  • Pay Attention to Both Physical and Mental Health
  • Thoughts on Cold Water Showers, Ice Plunges, and Wim Hof Breathing Method
  • Practice Mental Focus - Meditate
  • Celebrate the positive experiences in life
  • Enjoy Meaningful Connections with your Spouse
  • surround yourself with the right people - when's the last time you had a bad day? 
  • Where are we headed with COVID19?

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