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Aug 13, 2020

Ryan Gibson is the CEO and co-founder of Spartan Investment Group, LLC. Ryan has grown his business to over 5,000 units and 30+ employees. Ryan has raised over $30M from investors for real estate projects ranging from ground up development to cash flowing self-storage facilities. Ryan’s company focuses on providing investment opportunities for individual investors in the commercial real estate space, primarily in self-storage. 

Ryan is also an airline pilot and graduated from Mercyhurst University with a bachelor’s degree in Business, with concentrations in Marketing, Management, and Advertising. In his free time Ryan enjoys spending time outdoors with his family in the Pacific Northwest and serves on the Board of trustees at his alma mater. 




  • Starting the Journey to 5,000 units
  • Airplane pilot, his advantage
  • Easy to own, easy to evict and easy to operate
  • Market Study is Key
  • Storage  is a 10-minute Drive time.
  • Self-storage has performed the best out of any asset class in the last 2 recessions
  • What scares you about the self-storage 
  • What is a market you're super excited?
  • The nice thing about RE, you're not in the stock market. The nice thing about the stock market, you're not in real estate. 

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