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W2 Capitalist | EARN. INVEST. REPEAT.

Mar 11, 2020

Anton Ivanov is a US Navy veteran, real estate investor and entrepreneur with a 40 unit rental portfolio spread out across 4 states. His portfolio generates over $12,000 in monthly passive income, and requires less than 1 hour a week to manage.

Anton is also the founder of DealCheck - the leading real estate analysis platform for quickly analyzing and comparing rental properties, flips and commercial buildings. DealCheck is used by over 100,000 real estate investors, agents and professionals worldwide.

Connect with Anton:


Key Takeaways:

  • Anton's Portfolio
  • Have your spouse on board
  • Market Selection Strategy
  • Rent to Price ratio: 1-2%
  • Finance or non-finance
  • What would you do with $12k more per month?
  • When will you exit the W2 world?
  • Deal Check
  • Where is the 2020 market headed?

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