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Jun 25, 2019

Father and son team (Andy and Tom Gustafson) have proudly proudly served clients seeking IRC & 1031 counsel as Qualified Intermediaries for over 16 years with Atlas 1031 Exchange. I connected with them through my lawyer and like any good lawyer, he did not steer me wrong. I'm on my 2nd 1031 exchange (both done with Atlas) and we get into the specifics of my current deal and questions I have about it. 

I cannot say enough about how Tom and Andy are always available to take my call and make the entire process extremely easy. 

Connect with Tom Gustafson:

Key Discussion Points:

  • What is a TIC?
  • Can you invest in partnerships with a 1031x?
  • How do I QUALIFY a Qualified Intermediary (QI)?
  • General Rules of a 1031 Exchange
  • Simultaneous 45 & 180 day clocks
  • Exceptions of a 1031x
  • How is a QI compensated?
  • Strategy for identifying properties

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