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Dec 10, 2020

Robert Benenate is a New Orleans native, with over 30 years of construction and renovation experience, he has influenced major projects, most recently a 1.7 MM condo conversion project. Seeing a change in the market, Robert seized the opportunity to begin a career in commercial and multi family management for the last 8 years, Robert has been the regional vice president of development and management to a 600 door portfolio, valued at over 100MM In this short time and he has helped achieve unprecedented growth and increased revenue nearly doubling the portfolio's value. In the past, Robert has managed portfolios up to 7,000 units in six states before his present portfolio managing maintenance, construction crews and property management staff. Robert has a deep passion for real estate and is a certified FEMA inspector as well. He has learned the business from the ground up, flipping houses and house hacking a Katrina damaged property. A hard working individual, Roberts unchanging passion to real estate, is demonstrated in every aspect of his daily life.

Qualifications and experience 30 years commercial and residential construction experience 8 years asset management experience 5 years regional Vice President of development of LCM,LLC a 100MM portfolio spanning the Gulf South 12 years as a multi- family property owner Certified FEMA inspector (WSP) Current and Former Organization affiliations Home Builders Association Apartment Association REIA Rotary






  • Certified FEMA Inspector
  • Father and PawPaw
  • Challenged Your Kids and Grandkids
  • How will major colleges be different 20 years from now?
  • Having a Positive Mindset
  • Leads MFMasters NO chapter meetup - you guys back to meeting in person
  • I am not the best but I want to be the best in the Real Estate world! (1 of my goals) when you find yourself in doubt what are a few steps you take to get back in the right direction?


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