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Mar 4, 2021

Blake Templeton is an international motivational speaker, author of the new book ‘The Solomon Way’, an 8 Figure Award Winner, and a regular contributor to Forbes Business Council. 

But what he’s really excited to share with you today is the investment secrets found in his book, ‘The Solomon Way’ that are making money for investors during this Recession.

With 14 years in business and 300+ transactions, not one single investor has ever lost money in his Private Investment Firm. This is unheard of. And they are now on track to have $100M under management within the next 12 months. 

I am excited to hear about your new book, The Solomon Way, how you’ve discovered and personally used these secrets to create a track record where no investor has lost money! 

Blake helps accredited investors activate
their net-worth by teaching and providing them the way to follow and follow the ancient secrets of the world’s first Trillionaire.

This strategy is revealed in-depth in his book ‘The Solomon Way’ - wisdom from the world’s first Trillionaire: King Solomon.

Founded in 2006, Blake built a private investment firm that

specializes in moving people from the volatility of the public markets into a fixed return, collateralized private markets.

Using this time-tested wisdom, his firm, Boron Capital, has closed over 300+ real estate transactions, and since inception, no investor has lost money.





  • Text SOLOMON to 31996


  • The Solomon Way
  • Invest In Yourself
  • The 50/50/50 Concept
  • 3,000 Year Old Investment Advice
  • The Hatchet Man
  • Investing with an Emotional Connection
  • The Recession
  • Precession and Lag  
  • What can someone who is flipping right now look at to see if we're about to enter into those times again? 
  • Become Master of your own domain
  • Awaken the King Mindset that Lives inside you

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