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W2 Capitalist | EARN. INVEST. REPEAT.

Oct 13, 2020

If you're listening to this, chances are you are 25-50 years old, you have a successful job, you have a couple of kids or planning to have 1 or 2 in the near future and when you sit down and talk things out with your spouse you realize that you both want to be further along financially so that, you can grow a bigger nest egg, have the option to leave your W2 or plan for some generational wealth building. Through many avenues, most recently we've seen is COVID, but through many avenues you've realized that the most risky thing you can do for the financial well-being for your family is have a single source of income in the form of a job and you want to tap into what 90% of millionaires have already done and add real estate investing to your portfolio. When most people encounter the idea of REI for the first time they go through this self-doubt, imposter syndrome that they aren't good enough, they aren't' rich enough, they didn't come from the right blood lines, and/or they don't have the skillsets to be able to own income producing real estate. What I want to do today is not only introduce you to 4 gentleman who I've grown to have much respect for, but you introduce you to these average joes, these guys like you and me but they are successful real estate investors, building their portfolios while they work full-time AND are present for their family. Not only are you going to get to meet them, hear from and /or see these guys BUT my hope is that you'll be intrigued enough to get involved with the W2 Capitalist Mastermind. Along with myself, these guys host individual mastermind calls throughout the month to share strategies, hold their members accountable, and challenge each other to accomplish more. Excited to introduce you to Gwyeth Smith (Multifamily), Adam Zach (Single Family B&H), Jamie O'Brien (Flipping & Wholesaling) and Darron Hay (Mobile Home Park).




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